Aug 04, 2021

I am new to Articulate- just playing with the free trial- and an interested in learning about quizzes. It looks like I can create quizzes or add questions right in Storyline but I also see mention of something called Quizmaker. I don't see Quizmaker as an app I can try with my free trial. Do you need Quizmaker to make quizzes or can you make them in Storyline- be they within the project or as standalone quizzes? Seems like Quizmaker might be a more robust option but not sure I "need" it? Can you make good quizzes in Storyline and why is there even a Quizmaker?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Brian,

You don't need Quizmaker when you're using Storyline. Storyline provides the same functionality.

Quizmaker is a separate Articulate app that's used with Presenter.

  • Presenter is a PowerPoint plugin—and was Articulate's premiere product before they invented Storyline.
  • Presenter allows for publishing PowerPoint decks.
  • One could insert Quizmaker tests into the PowerPoint to get quizzing functionality.
  • The Engage app provided interactions that could be inserted. 
  • Those apps are included in Articulate 360.