Quizzes (developed using Storyline 360) not running properly in Rise.com

Nov 23, 2021


I have developed many quizzes using Storyline 360. 

There were no problems when these quizzes were accessed by users from Articulate Online.

However, there are problems when the quizzes are accessed from Rise.com i.e. the "submit" button stops working part-way through each quiz (the user cannot move to the next question) and the problem persists if the quiz is closed and opened again (and the user resumes the quiz). I can't detect any issues with the stalled slide in each quiz i.e. each stalled slide has the same settings as other slides in the quiz. 

I have tested the quizzes using Scorm Cloud and the quizzes are fully functional i.e. I can't replicate the problem I'm having with Rise.com. 

Given that Articulate Online is being withdrawn in 5 weeks, I need to sort this problem out and ensure all quizzes are fully functional on Rise.com. 

Has anyone experienced a similar problem and, if so, are you aware of the cause of the problem and the solution? 

Any help would be appreciated.



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