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Sep 14, 2017


I have a module that the user selects a path they are going down. Each path has it's own quiz and results slide. The user will never go down both paths. What I cannot figure out is for the AICC publishing results it wants me to assign a single results slides in the publishing settings. How can I make this work so it's only looking at one quiz or another based on the user selection? each quiz and result slide is set up in it's own scene. Passing score is required to be 100%

Thanks in advance. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Thomas,

Branching quizzes are possible in Storyline, although it's not a default set-up. You'll find some helpful information on how to design a branched quiz in this forum thread, as well as this one. Ultimately you'll need a final Results Slide to combine the results of both quizzes as shown in this tutorial.

Hopefully someone in the community will chime in and share specifics for your design!

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