Radio Buttons keep moving

Nov 25, 2015

Hi all,

I'm using SL2 I  have a custom built question slide that has plain yellow shapes behind the radio buttons. I have my answers set to shuffle. What is happening is the text moves outside of the shape on some of my slides. It seems to depend on how it shuffles the answers though. I've tried all 3 text box options of  Do Not Autofit, Shrink Text on Overflow and Resize shape to fit text and nothing seems to work. My internal margins are all the same and I've set it to Wrap text in shape.

See the attachment here. It shows how the text is jumping. Can anyone help me with this?

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Walt Hamilton

In the example you show, the text box that is a different shape is the one with two lines of text. I believe Storyline is trying to center the radio button to the text.

One possible solution is to go to the end of each short line of text, and add an enter. That way all the text segments will be the same size (2 lines), and you can predict where they will line up.

An alternate is to make all the answers the same length, since it is well known that the longest answer is the correct answer. (Think about it. We don't work as hard at putting explanations in the incorrect answers, so naturally they are shorter.)

Jodi Albarano

HI Walt,

Thanks for the suggestion, but it did not work. However, I found a fix! The issue was not the text. The issue was that the yellow boxes were actual images all set in place on the slide master. So no matter where the text fell, those stayed in place. I removed the 4 background images, set all of the text boxes to "Do Not Autofit" and set them all to the same exact size and then filled the actual radio button with that yellow color and Wala! 

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