Radio buttons not working?

Apr 15, 2021

Hi, a colleague (who left the company) has created a radio button survey, however you can only answer Q1 or Q2 - not both (which is required in this survey). When I look at the triggers it seems consistent so I don't know where the issue is. Attached is the page I'm having an issue with. Any help appreciated! :) Regards, Janine

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Walt Hamilton

What do you mean by web view? I published using the web option and was able to answer all five questions. I did notice two things:

On Question slide 1.5, the "Jump to" trigger is before the "Submit" trigger. That slide will never submit its results, because when a Jump trigger is encountered, it cuts off all the following triggers. They are never executed. So change the order of those two triggers.

The Results slide collects the scores from all the question slides into one final score.The "Submit Results" trigger sends the final score from the Results slide to the LMS, so the Results slide needs a "Submit Results" trigger. Each question slide grades its question and sends the score to the Results slide, but right now all the question slides use a "Submit Results" trigger. For them to send their scores to the Results slide, they need a "Submit Interaction" trigger, instead.

You don't have a Button set problem. A Button set means that of an identified group of buttons,  only one at a time can be in the Selected state. If one is selected, the set automatically deselects all the others, without you having to do anything. Multiple choice questions are always created with the necessary button set. Multiple response questions would never work with a button set.