Radio buttons too close to answers in quizzes and spacing can't be changed?

When I import the questions to a quiz in Storyline 360, the radio buttons are almost touching the answers. I adjusted the indent paragraph style on the master but the quiz text is not obeying the inset, even when I delete the slides and reimport the questions. This is so frustrating. I don't understand why some things on the master are applied, but the inset is ignored.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carol,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to see adjusted in your project.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to understand the settings on the slide master that you're adjusting and what you're seeing on the slide. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Carol Dungan Logie

Hi, I’d appreciate that, thanks.

Another issue is that when I select the slides in the quiz scene to apply custom properties (no progress bar) it will only change one slide. So I have to select each one and change the properties. It’s a hassle.

The story is attached, and the quiz question doc, in case that would help. The question layout is the last slide in the master, where I added a .3 indent on the paragraph. Deleting the slides and reimporting the questions doesn’t seem to pick up the indent. If you have any suggestions, they’d be much appreciated!


Carol Dungan Logie
Senior Designer

Carol Dungan Logie

Hi Lauren, I really appreciate the tutorial (and kind of blown away that you did it). Unfortunately, I did everything that you recommended, and the buttons are still coming in super tight to the text.

In the file I sent, the ones that were not so tight are probably ones where I added a space before the answer. This looks like what I'll have to do for the time being. Quiz importation works pretty well, but there are important  features that should work for me and don't. 

Carol Dungan Logie

So, I imported my questions into a blank storyline file, adjusted the indent on the master ("Question") slide, and the buttons are still too close, they just indent along with the text. Is it something with importing from an excel spreadsheet?

What I need is to be able to automatically adjust the text boxes that SL creates consisting of the radio button and the question. In my layout, it makes a stack of 4 of these per slide. It just doesn't seem like Articulate intended for people to have to go in to each one of these and adjust the indent manually.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Carol

it's never going to work how you want with the way the masters are currently setup. See the first image - I  adjusted the text box that is on the master to a 40px margin

When this layout is applied to a slide - that margin does hold but it is for the large text box that is on the master - the only object on that master

What it doesn't do is take into account how they slide may be setup eg. Multiple choice, true false, or any other quiz type selection so SL doesn't know to apply that setting to the objects that go onto that slide.

I've tried to mockup a few question slide types but SL keeps taking over when you apply to the slide...I'll keep trying but the method I currently use is to create a question slide - add the content how I want it and then duplicate that to create the other questions - not ideal but allows me to control how it looks and no it wouldn't work with an import unfortunately.