Random Question Draw with Restricted Menu

I'm using a Random question draw that only uses 10 of 57 or so questions from a question bank. When I use the Restricted navigation from the player menu settings, the Draw from [question bank] menu item won't mark as complete (viewed) after completing the 10 questions.

I checked the box to "Show Slide Draw Contents" and the check mark shows in the menu but I when I click Next on the Results slide it does not move to the next Scene as I would expect.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Joe Russell

I was able to get things somewhat working. I changed the Next button action to Jump to Scene (next) instead of Jump to Slide. That seemed to fix the navigation.

I also added Slide Triggers on the Failure and Success Layers of the Results slide to Enable or Disable the next button depending on if they passed or failed.

I added a Retry Quiz to the results slide so they can review and/or retry the quiz. It may also be worth noting that these are Knowledge Check questions, but they must achieve a passing score to move one but the scores do not need to be reported on.

A new issue seems to come up though. When I click Retry Quiz it shows the Locked icon next to all of the previous slides. It doesn't seem to affect the actual navigation as far as I can tell, but is that the expected behavior?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Joe!

I'm happy to hear that things are up and running in your course! I'm happy to help with your latest question, Why does the locked icon appear after selecting "retry quiz," and does that affect the actual navigation?

It sounds like you're using Locked Navigation, which means learners can only view slides in the order you've designed. They can't jump ahead or skip over slides, nor can they go back to any previously viewed slides using the course menu. When selecting the retry quiz, a learner will still see the locked icon, which indicates they can only move in a specific order to the next slides.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Joe Russell

I've checked my navigation and it is set to Restricted not Locked. The check marks show on all slides previously viewed and I'm able to jump around using the menu.

Even after clicking Retry Quiz, while the lock Icon is showing, I'm able to navigate to any of the previously viewed slides using the menu.


After refreshing the page in my LMS, all the check marks are back. In Review 360 after refreshing I start back at the beginning, but I assume that's because it doesn't maintain a database for resume data.