Random Shuffle of Slides and/or Layers?

I'm attempting to make fancy shmancy flash cards and would like the "cards" to appear and reshuffle randomly.

Is there a way to make a trigger jump to a random slide or layer?

Should I set this up as a freeform quiz, maybe?

I've got radio buttons set up so that learners can mark the card as "correct," "incorrect," or "almost"; I'm hoping to put the cards marked as "incorrect" or "almost" back into the shuffle.  The shuffle will stop when learner has marked all as correct.

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Tim Shelton

I would say this is possible in Javascript if you can find a Code wizard to write the function for you.

In Storyline only... you could have all the pages in a question bank set to randomise. If you mark something correctly it sets a trigger to automatically jump to next 'random' slide whilst simultaneously adding 1 to a countCorrect variable.

This way you keep randomising if they get the questions wrong, as they get them right the countCorrect variable is reaching the X maximum value. Once countCorrect = X and the user jumps slide it will go to a slide outside of the randomiser and you are complete.

Hope this makes sense.



Karen Walker

Yay! By using the built-in question banks functions, I was able to randomize the study cards. I didn't realize that I could use the question bank for non-quizzing-type slides. Made it super easy.

Then I added a slide counter and an invisible cover so learners could see how many cards they had left to go and could move freely to previous cards without throwing off their progress tally on the results page.  

I'm still new to variables, but this was way fun to build. I'm working on figuring out how to include only those marked incorrect or almost back into the "try again" reshuffle, but for now I'm happy with the output.

I'm attaching the story file in case anyone else can use it. Enjoy!