Jul 11, 2015


I need assistance with randomization of questions.  I have a bank of questions which I have randomized and they have a results slide which I need to use.  These questions will then be placed on Moodle.  I would like to know if there is any way that each of the 40 participants will be able to view these questions in a different order when they open Moodle?  Therefore if 2 people open the questions they will not get the questions in the same order.

They also have only 1 attempt to complete the questions.



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Leandra Khoury

Thanks Phil.

I have solved the randomization problem, but I now have another issue. 

I am randomizing the questions and I have a results slide.  When I preview the questions and answer them, results slide appears but does not show the pass percentage or the participants percentage results.  This did work before I added the randomization.  Any suggestions how to fix this?

Leandra Khoury

I need more assistance again with my randomisation.  I have 11 questions, and when I preview I view a different number of slides. On some previews I get all 11 questions (which is what I want) and when I preview again I may get only 8 questions and then it goes to the results slide.  I have set that each slide is set to 'jump to slide' and I have selected the slide it must go to.  The last slide goes to the results slide.  When I set up the question bank I selected 'all slides'.

I have also tried to lock the last slide to be at the end of the group and this still doesn't solve the problem of not all the questions showing.

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