Randomized Question Number trigger works but the Jump to next/previous slide trigger doesn't

May 06, 2020

Hi there,

I am attempting to number randomized questions from a Question Bank but my triggers are cancelling eachother regardless of if I swap their order.

My quiz has the next, previous and submit all button. No reviewing of the quiz is allowed.

I have added a variable called questionNumber, it Adds 1 to the questionNumber when the user clicks next and Subtracts 1 to the questionNumber when the user clicks previous. This works beautifully! 

However, this trigger has stopped the Jump to next slide when user clicks next and Jump to previous slide when user clicks the previous.

Could it be the order in which I have placed the triggers? I need all 4 of these triggers to work.

Unfortunately, I can't attach the .story as I am not allowed to share the content of the quiz.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to get this live ASAP.


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Wendy Farmer

Do you have any triggers on the quiz master slides that could be conflicting?

Do you have the menu set to 'restricted' - perhaps this KB article may help you troubleshoot.

As you can't share the .story file can you strip out the content on a few of the slides and upload that so we can see the setup and help you?

Robyn Hazekamp

Hi Wendy,

I do not have any triggers on the master slide and have a 'Free' menu.

Here is a strip out of the current quiz - strange thing, I copied three of the slides, put them into a new question bank, and the snippet works.


Could it be because I originally made this in Quizmaker 360 and then imported it into Storyline 360? I didn't change anything in the project with regards to triggers and variables - SO WEIRD!


Robyn Hazekamp

Hi Wendy,

I realised what the issue was - I was previewing about 10 of the slides but I see that it was on draw 250 randomly - so I updated the entire project with your project and now it works :D

The only issue - it is a bit glitchy - when the user selects 'Next' it adds, when the user selects ' Previous' it subtracts, but when a user selects 'Next' again - it doesn't add trigger :/ 

What could be the issue here?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Robyn

I add the triggers to the master slide so take a look at my file and see if you can work it out. What do you have the quiz slide revisit options set to? Try Automatically decide.

Otherwise if you want to share a few slides with the content stripped out and that are acting erratically and I'll take a look.

For future you can also use the built in variables to control the slide numbers in your project.

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