Randomize a question bank when returning to that slide draw

Feb 27, 2020

I'm running into an issue with question randomization. I have a question bank set up with 3 questions. When I arrive at the slide draw slide, it pulls in 1 question from that bank. If I get it right, the course advances. If I get it wrong, the course goes back 1 slide. When I click next, I again get to the slide draw and it pulls in 1 question from that question bank.

That's all working correctly. What's not working is that 1 question that's being drawn in is not randomized on the second time I get to the slide draw. So, I see the same question every time I arrive at that slide draw when I should see 1 of 3 possible questions. I'm pretty sure all my settings are correct (I'll post a screenshot). Any idea how I can randomize the question bank the second (or third or fourth) time I arrive at the slide draw? Thanks in advance!

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Stephen Calhoun

Thanks Lauren. I ended up raising a case with support, and they instructed me to use a results slide that gathers the results of all of the slide draws. (I didn't have a results slide before.) Then if I reset those results before going back to a slide draw, it does randomize correctly. So, it's working now. Thanks for following up!

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