Randomize Questions

I know there is a way to randomize the answers, as well as making a pool of questions to be randomly pulled, but my questions is a little different. Is there a way  to have a quiz with say 20 questions, and the questions can be arranged randomly? Just like back in school where there were 3 versions of the test with questions in different order, but they were the same question. Hopefully there is an easier way instead of creating x amount of different versions of the quiz with the order manually set to be different. Thanks!

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Steven.

If I've understood your question correctly, it sounds like you want to create a question bank containing your 20 questions, and then draw from that question bank with the "Include" drop-down" list set to "All" and with the "Draw questions randomly" setting enabled.

Please let us know if that's not quite what you're looking for.  Thanks!

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Sinchu.

If you want the questions to display in a random order in the published story, select the Draw Questions Randomly check box on the Draw from Bank top tab within the Quizzing tab on the left of the Insert Slides dialog.

To get there In Story View, go to the Home tab, click the Question Banks drop-down list, and then select New Draw from Question Bank.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!