Randomizing individual questions in games

Aug 22, 2019

Hi there,

Long time lurker, first time poster!  I love these message boards and frequently borrow and steal from the amazing ideas here. Now I'm here for the trifecta - begging!

My boss promised a jeopardy style game for a final quiz in a course. The clients wants the questions randomized within each category/amount box. Meaning, when participant A chooses Category 1 for 200, they will receive 1 of 5 potential questions, that will theoretically be different than when participant B chooses Category 1 for 200. There would be a different set of 5 (or so) questions associated with Category 1 for 400, and this would be the case for each of the 20 or so category/amount choices. I've got the game board, and I have a basic understanding of variable, but this project is bigger and more complex than my current skill set, so I was looking for advice on how to go about this. I've attached the game board (that you all generously donated) for reference.

Any and all assistance is welcomed and I thank you sincerely in advance.

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