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Feb 27, 2013

When posting results of Likert Scale, how can you get it to display results. I have set scale of 1 to 4. I was hoping it would add together it give me a range. I am expecting too much.

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Pelin Erkent


While searching I've found this topic. I want to create a scored survey. I read  the 1st page of this topic and prepared my file according to this link: 

Yes, my result slide shows the score  correctly with this way in .swf file and local  preview in articulate  but after I publish to Html or LMS, result slide doesn't work correctly I couldn't understand what the reason is. I add my file.  Could anyone please look and say me what the next step is? Should I make any extra setting to show the result in HTML or LMS? 

(1.11-.1.15 question slide, 1.16 Result slide) 

if you help I'll be very pleased.

Thank you



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pelin,

If you're testing the content locally, you may be encountering security and browser restrictions. So uploading it to Tempshare or any other web server will make sure that you can view the content as expected.

I published your file for Web and uploaded it to Tempshare here. Give that link a test and let me know if the results slide is working correctly!

Jeffrey Muise

Hi Zio, 

I can't believe it's been five years and this report is still unsatisfactory.  I've found some shared code in another forum but it also doesn't not generate a report as nice and logically laid out as yours, kudos.

I only have a basic knowledge of coding and was wondering (if you even receive this message) if you wouldn't mind sharing yours with me?  It would take me far too long to get this right on my own.


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