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Dec 20, 2012

Module 2 skipped the intro with the ski example...translated into it skipped a screen.

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Gertrude Mandeville

here are the three complaints I got. We have multiple files but they are all built in the same fashion as the file I sent:

answers to questions would be given before I completed the whole activity/and/ I can not go back into certain portions of a module to re-read...

One time I was redoing a module, and there was different content- in other words, a video that did not appear anywhere the first time, came on the second time which worried me because I am not sure if there was other content I missed.

Module 2 skipped the intro with the ski example.

Christine Hendrickson


Thanks, but that's not very specific. Especially if it's throughout different courses. 

Issue 1) From the complaint, what I'm understanding is that the answers are displaying before they are able to start the activity and they are not able to review the course. Again, this is not very specific..  I can't look at a specific slide or question and see what the issue may be. I can see from the "Drag and Drop" questions in the file that there was no review set up for this. Once you finish, you are asked to proceed to the next section. 

Issue 2) It sounds like the client was trying to review something and it went to different slides with content they weren't expecting. Again, without specific information or being able to look at a specific portion of the course, I can't suggest a fix for this.

Issue 3) It sounds like the slide advanced too soon, or advanced automatically. I can't suggest anything for this, unless I know where to look. You might want to check the slide advancement options for this "ski example".


Gertrude Mandeville

I know...sigh...but this is for teachers in professional development. The environments are all different. If this is not an obvious or known issues then I will direct my client to make her survey's/complaint resolution a bit more specific. I wonder if some of these could be contributed to Chrome use. It is a very big tool in the school environment and their "IMS" -- instructional management system launches best in this tool.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Gertrude,

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, there's no way for us to provide suggestions or fixes without knowing the specific problems, or without being able to see the files. In your last post on 12/20 you stated you were going to communicate with your client to get more specific feedback. However, in doing so, this won't help us help you. 

Here's what I would suggest:

Make a full list of each issue for each course/file from your client's feedback. Find out exactly where each issue occurs (slide, scene, questions, etc). Organize the list according to priority. What's more important? Is it more important that the answers for a question appear before they are given, or that the review shows content that wasn't displayed previously? Figure out what's more important to your client first and work to resolve that issue. If you can pinpoint the problems, we can help with resolving them. 

Without knowing exactly what's happening, or where it's happening, we'd really just be shooting in the dark. 

Thanks Gertrude I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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