Recommendations for story board sizes?

Jan 06, 2014


I'm trying to finalize the show I've been working on, but can't seem to find a resolution that I like. When I use it on my machine that has a very high resolution, it looks dandy, but in a smaller resolution world, the 931x713 that I have selected just is too large. Along with the player, you can't get to the previous and next buttons.

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Keith Koh

Hi Janel,

I would recommend looking at it from another angle... What are the more common sizes that your learners will be using your courseware in? Usually, working towards to lowest common denominators will be better for you... smaller screen still looks fine in a larger screen area, you only see more empty areas.. However, trying to take a course with a larger resolution in a smaller screen means your learners will have to keep scrolling the screen to see the content, which is a big turn off.

Having said that, I would also suggest that you have different resolution for the different devices, such as learning via computer/laptop using one screen size and learning via mobile device such as ipad and tablet.

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