Record Screen Capture

Nov 16, 2020

The record screen captures the red line and control for the tool. Why is it doing this? I just want to content in the redline captured in the video. Please advise. Thanks.storyline capture

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Katie Riggio

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for sharing what's going on! We've seen odd behavior like that happen with screencasts in Storyline when:

  • Recording on a set-up with dual monitors
  • OR The display setting is more than 100% (or 96 DPI)

Does either condition match your experience?

  • Yes: Let's try disconnecting from the other monitor or changing the screen resolution to re-record.
  • No: Use this link to get connected with our Support team. They'll dive in to get this sorted for you as quickly as possible!
John Giampetro

Looks like I'm running into the same issue. I thought the control and recording bar would not show up in your recording, but it does.  This makes no sense. 

Is there a setting I'm missing, because I don't see it. Plus the link provided didn't provide any insight into this issue I'm encountering. 

Let me know if there is a setting to prevent the control and recording bar from displaying after you record a screen capture.