Record Screen does not fill up 16:9 story size

Oct 19, 2017

When I do a Record Screen at 4:3 Story Size, the recording fills the screen,( see attached). When I do the same recording at 16:9,  there is space on the top and bottom. (see attached)  I have read all the articles and I am matching the story size to the recording size in each instance, but it seems like the story size isn't changing when I change the story size.  I have also tried locking and unlocking aspect ratio.  

Any help is appreciated.   I love Storyline, but this is a real roadblock.  I am using Storyline 2, soon to get Storyline 3.


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Brett Rockwood

Are you trying to have two different story sizes in one project? That won't work. Are you trying to import a 16:9 recording into a new Storyline project that is 4:3? I've never done that but I imagine you might get some pretty strange results.

If you want to do a 16:9 screen recording you should first set up your Story size to a 16:9 ratio. Then when you record the recording area will be 16:9 and will fill your screen area completely.

Crystal Horn

Hi Amy.  When you change the story size of your project, are you doing that before you insert the screen recording? 

I did a quick test in Storyline 2, and I was able to successfully insert my 16x9 screen recording into my 16x9 slide size, having it fill the slide. It looked like you might be using something larger than 720x405, but with the same 16x9 ratio.

What are the actual dimensions of the screen recording that you're using?

Amy Heber

Yes, I am changing the story size before I insert the screen recording.

The actual dimensions are the size of monitor at full resolution 1920 X

I have tried matching the story size and the recording size to those
specifications too and it doesn't work.

I can lock proportions and expand the recording box 720 X 540 but it puts a
big square in but I can't expand the 720 X 405 without getting the
horizontal top and bottom bars on the screen.

Doest that help

Alyssa Gomez

Woohoo, glad to hear you're getting Storyline 3! We've added lots of new features and upgrades since Storyline 2--have fun taking it for a test drive!

The screen recording tool should work the same in Storyline 2 and Storyline 3. If you're still having trouble after upgrading the file to Storyline 3, could you attach it here? I'd like to take a closer look. Thanks!

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