Record Screen - Possible to move anchor point?

Mar 04, 2015

Hi, thanks everyone for being so helpful around here. Is it possible to move the anchor point when using Record Screen?

For example, if I have a SL stage size of 960X720, and then Record Screen but change the recording area size to 960X680, I will get 20 pixels of white space on top and 20 pixels of white space on bottom because SL centers the recorded screens in the 'background'. I want the screens to align the the top so I get 40 pixels of white space on bottom of the slide.  Is it possible to move the screen recordings position on the slide before or after recording?

If not a built in function, anyone come up with a creative workaround?  It just occurred to as I'm typing maybe importing a smaller Storyline Project into a larger Storyline project would work. Gonna go try that now but would love to hear from others. 

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Justin Lambakis

Ok so importing didn't work. It just centered the recording on the slide again with white space on top and bottom.

However I did find a solution!  I created a project that is 960X680 and did Record Screen. After recording was done, I changed the Story Project size to 960X720 and set 'Story Position' option to 'Middle Center'

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