Record Screen - Possible to move anchor point?

Hi, thanks everyone for being so helpful around here. Is it possible to move the anchor point when using Record Screen?

For example, if I have a SL stage size of 960X720, and then Record Screen but change the recording area size to 960X680, I will get 20 pixels of white space on top and 20 pixels of white space on bottom because SL centers the recorded screens in the 'background'. I want the screens to align the the top so I get 40 pixels of white space on bottom of the slide.  Is it possible to move the screen recordings position on the slide before or after recording?

If not a built in function, anyone come up with a creative workaround?  It just occurred to as I'm typing maybe importing a smaller Storyline Project into a larger Storyline project would work. Gonna go try that now but would love to hear from others. 

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Justin Lambakis

Ok so importing didn't work. It just centered the recording on the slide again with white space on top and bottom.

However I did find a solution!  I created a project that is 960X680 and did Record Screen. After recording was done, I changed the Story Project size to 960X720 and set 'Story Position' option to 'Middle Center'