Record Screen, Try Mode: Hotspots' Triggers will disappear if you change one of them!

Here is a small simple screen record with Hotspots generated by SL2. 

There are 2 triggers on the Hostspots:

Trigger 1 : "Show Media... when user clicks"

Trigger 2 : "Show Layer [Hint Caption] when the user hovers the mouse over"

When I change Trigger 2 to "Show Layer ... when when the user clicks outside...", the Trigger 1 will disappear !

You will find in attachment the .story file

Anyone found the same issue before ?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Quentin,

I did see the issue you referred to in your file attached. I did import the first slide into a new file and was not able to recreate the issue. You may want to import the whole file into a new one and see if this helps. Also, if you see this again, you may want to run a repair of Storyline