Recorded screen is visible...but not in the timeline

Aug 15, 2013

Not sure how this is possible, but I recorded a number of software demonstration screens in an application long before adding audio. Turns out the audio runs 54 seconds, but the recorded software screen is only 32 seconds. Shouldn't be a problem right? Just extend the screen. But when I look at the timeline, there is NO object for the screen recording. In preview or publish, the screen just goes white and the audio continues.There is no 'Screencast' item, nothing.

I'm not sure how I created this monster, but I think I just copy/pasted the slide from the previous slide because it was static (no animation on the slide) to point out objects on the application page. Unlike Captivate, where if you recorded steps as long as it wasn't video, there is ALWAYS a shot of what was recorded. This is absurd. When is the next version coming out?

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James Mazur

Thanks to my colleague, John had this one figured out. Yes, it was recorded in Storyline. But when this happens (your audio outruns your recorded screen and it does NOT show up in the timeline, follow these steps:

1. go to the point in the timeline where your visual drops out

2. right click and select Fine Tuning option

3. in the window that appears (see attached) RIGHT click in the WINDOW and you get export options. I selected End frame. storyline mysteriously records something(?) and you have the option to save it locally.

4. select Insert Picture and insert whatever it was you just exported into your timeline, and like magic, your new screen appears to cover the white space.

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