Recording for Powerpoint

Oct 30, 2018

Hi All,

I will be using storyline 360 to import and edit a deck of 60 Powerpoint slides. The deck has multiple chapters assigned to different instructors. These instructors have yet to record the audio on each slide. I have to let them know how to record that would best work with storyline.

Our instructors are familiar with PPT and webex.  Will recording directly in PPT be compatible with Storyline 360? Or Webex is a better option?   It would be great if you could share a link of step by step instructions that I can follow. Thanks a ton.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Manisha, 

I'm not sure what type of audio files you could export from Webex, but any of the audio files here can be added to Storyline. 

If your authors recorded audio directly in Powerpoint, you can import that audio in when you import in the Powerpoint slides. Here are steps on how to import your Powerpoint files into Storyline. 

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