Recording Narration in Storyline- Audio Skipping

Aug 24, 2020

Is anyone else experiencing issues recording narration within Storyline? I keep having to re-record because the audio will skip as I'm recording. I also had an issue last week where, once I finished doing all of my recording, all of the audio files ended up getting corrupted somehow. I had to re-record the entire project. I'm working off of my local drive, am using the most updated version of Storyline 360, am using best practices in my file naming, etc. I wasn't having this problem a few weeks ago and am wondering if there's a bug. Do most of you use Storyline's recording function for your narration? Or do you use something else and import it?

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April Hilbert

I have followed all steps and I am still having the issues with the skipping audio recording.

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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the update, April.

I've shared this information in your support case so that you can continue working with Cleo.

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Geralyn Winters

Can you share the steps provided to fix this issue? It happens to me on at least one screen in every course I've created in the last year. It's fine one minute, then not the next. It happens in the editor and the timeline. It always results in me having to record the narration again. At this point, all the screens with narration in the course I'm currently working on have this problem in the editor which makes it very difficult to edit the sound after recording. Now I also have one screen where it's happening with the timeline. Very frustrating.