Recording using multiple screens

Hi guys,

I use 2 screens at work (left is my main screen and right is my additional screen) and when i record on the right screen, its fine no problems. When i take my laptop home and try to record the screen (i am back to one screen) the record window is not visible and i have tried to shut down the program and start again but the record screen is still out of view.

How do i get the record screen back on the main screen of my laptop if it was previously used on an additional screen and i forgot to pull it back over to the left?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Bailey!

Can you try to delete the workspace.xml file located in this folder:


(Note: Close all instances of SL before performing the above)

Deleting the above file will reset all of the Storyline window locations back to their defaults. Let us know if that does the trick. Thanks!