Recording your web cam

Feb 18, 2013

Hi all,

I'm trying to make a recording using my web cam but when I go to insert video > web cam I get a  no signal message. I've tried selecting things from the drop down menus available on the page but nothing seems to work. I have successfully gotten video from the web cam to show using our company instant messaging software so I know the camera is working. Any thoughts or suggestions on what might be going on here?

I'm using a Windows 7 machine with an integrated webcam. It's a Lenovo T520.


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Jesse Kramer

I am referring to the options mentioned in the article you referenced. I'd meant to add that link in my original post but forgot. I have rebooted my computer a few times. I've even tried enabling then disabling the camera. What weird is that I know the camera works because I've launched it successfully in other applications.

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