Red bar showing up during 2nd retry on IPAD

Jan 16, 2015

Hi everyone,  I am a little confused.  My course went through a validation process and the LMS  vendor is tells me this:  

"IPAD- I got the answer wrong, when I try to answer again it says INCORRECT in red at the bottom of the course.  User is unable to select another answer.  I exit the course and came back and the message was still there.  Unable to get credit on the IPAD."

I went back to recheck my settings for the quiz question.  It is set for 2 attempts. I  test it on SCORMCloud - try to fail it so that I can see the red bar and it would go away on the quiz retry attempt.  I was able to re-answer the question and move on.  

Anyone have this problem on the IPAD where you are getting the red bar without answering the question?  I don't have an IPAD to test.  I have attached the vendor screen capture of the question and my quiz setting for the slide.  

Any ideas?

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Jeffrey Hurt

We have our QA team working with SCORM cloud and also on our solution. We are testing heavily on mobile devices and it seems to present itself more on Android devices than others. The slides were originally set as "Reset to Initial State" and then switched to "Automatically Decide." They can't get it to reproduce with regularity and it seems to be so random it is difficult to troubleshoot, but it is happening enough that I am surprised there isn't more discussion on the boards regarding this issue. I have seen this related to Review Slides, but we aren't using those at all. 

Jeffrey Hurt

Hi Leslie. We now have a case number # 00470301 which has screen grabs of the issue in the different devices and also the corresponding SL2 file. They were able to get it to reproduce on question 5, but i don't see anything unique about it. I have seen other threads where this issue appears on Review Slides, but this isn't that case. Could it have to do with the custom Submit buttons we used? They were added to be easier for mobile users. It's honestly the only thing i can think is different on the courses we are having issues with. The bar is being generated by SL2 code, correct?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shawn,

Yes, this has been reported to our QA team that during a "resume" of a course in HTML5 that it can switch to "review" mode and you'll see a question marked as "incorrect" with the red bar as you mentioned. Our team is continuing to investigate this, and I don't have any updates to share but we'll post here once available. 

Ted Nguyen

Leslie, sorry it took me so long to reply.  I was pushed to other projects.  Anyway, I am using SL2 with update 4 like Marco.  I was suggested on the forum to talked to the LMS vendor and set the pass completion require for their LMS.  Well, after doing so and after the vendor doing their verification process on the iPad.  They are still getting the red bar.  The questions are all custom free form multiple choices.  Hope, you guys have a fix soon.

Annette Srisaguan


We are also having this problem. We have had approximately 5 people call with this exact same issue. It's happening for some but not for all. Where does this red bar come from? It has to be an Articulate setting or in the code. I have worked with Articulate for years and have never seen this bar. I really hope there is a resolution for this problem, it's causing a lot of headaches over here.

Ted Nguyen

Hi Annette,

This post is seven months old.  I have completely forgotten about it.  As you can see there aren't any real answers.  I normally see them on courses that has the review option selected for the result slide.  Sorry, I don't have a solid answer for you.  Maybe SL made the fix and just added to the last update. IDK.

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