Red bar showing up during 2nd retry on IPAD

Jan 16, 2015

Hi everyone,  I am a little confused.  My course went through a validation process and the LMS  vendor is tells me this:  

"IPAD- I got the answer wrong, when I try to answer again it says INCORRECT in red at the bottom of the course.  User is unable to select another answer.  I exit the course and came back and the message was still there.  Unable to get credit on the IPAD."

I went back to recheck my settings for the quiz question.  It is set for 2 attempts. I  test it on SCORMCloud - try to fail it so that I can see the red bar and it would go away on the quiz retry attempt.  I was able to re-answer the question and move on.  

Anyone have this problem on the IPAD where you are getting the red bar without answering the question?  I don't have an IPAD to test.  I have attached the vendor screen capture of the question and my quiz setting for the slide.  

Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brittney,

Sorry that you've run into this issue as well in Presenter - did you check the previous information in terms of being on the latest update? You can download it from here. 

If you're still having difficulty we'll want to take a look at the .quiz file or the Presenter package and know more about where and how you're testing it (LMS, web server, desktop, HTML5 output, etc.) You're welcome to share here in the forums or if you would prefer you can send along to our team here. 

Brittney Price

Hi Ashley, my developer used the most current version of Studio (Update 7, Build 1509.1618) to publish the course we are having an issue with. We deliver the course via Pathlore LMS (owned by SumTotal). It was published using SCORM 1.2. 

Attached is the presenter package. The .quiz file where the user is experiencing the issue is at slide 121 in the ppt, which references "ONL-DCK102_Check_Your_Knowledge_Stair_Stringers_2015_10_20.quiz"

Please let me know if I should be submitting a support case instead, or if you need any other information. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brittney,

I'm still testing your file as is, but did want to check into a few other things to confirm:

- are you viewing this in the iPad as the thread mentioned? What iPad version and iOS are you using? 
- can you confirm you're viewing in Safari, not an app specific to SumTotal on the iPad? 
- how are you users navigating back to that one slide to see the "incorrect" bar on the bottom?  
- are they seeing it on the quiz question itself, or on your new slide that indicates "correct"?

Thanks for your answer to these questions while I continue testing. 

Brittney Price

Hi Ashley,

Sorry about that, I just used File > Save & Send > Articulate Package and assumed that would capture it all. Attached are the quiz and engage files.

The user was not using an iPad. Sorry for the confusion, I came across this thread when searching for "incorrect red bar" and after reading comments it seemed similar to what I was experiencing. We have not verified the web browser with the customer, but we were able to replicate the issue here using Chrome. This same user just ran into the same issue with another one of our courses. See screen shot attached for the red bar.

The user is coming to the quiz question slide and seeing the red bar displayed at the bottom before selecting an answer or clicking the submit button. No selections can be made and the user is unable to move forward.

When I test the course myself, I do not run into the problem. However, when I log in as this customer, and click continue where you left off, I too see the red bar and can't move forward. 

Please let me know if I can clarify anything.

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brittney, 

Ok - thanks for clarifying those elements. It looks like this may be a different course than the one you shared before - as I uploaded that one here to SCORM Cloud and that one seems to be about building a deck and the question you mentioned was within the Stairs category...and the image of the new one, is about something different as far as I can tell. 

I didn't run into any issues testing the course you shared, but it sounds like you're only seeing it when logged in as that particular user? If it's only this one users account regardless of course, are you able to look at specific settings within the LMS - perhaps they've somehow already been set to having taken the course? Could this be a reattempt but it's not resetting the course? From the way the course you set up is shared, those slides are not set to be reviewed or tracked and even if they were, you couldn't proceed until answering correctly so how it's tracking them as answering incorrect is something I'm not sure of. 

Perhaps look at having that user clear out their browser cache and reattempt the course. Also feel free to have them test the one I shared above. I did change the menu navigation to "free" just so that I could navigate around easier. 

Let us know what else you're able to find out or determine. 

Brittney Price

Yes, it's a different course but same issue. Since these are lengthy courses and navigation is restricted to offer state credits, we try to avoid having customers start over and lose their progress if possible, especially if they might run into the same problem again. This user had never taken these courses before so I don't think there was any issue related to LMS treating it as a second attempt.  

A couple times in the past, courses would come up blank (I think this was a new release of Flash player issue) or the exit link stopped working, and then Articulate would provide an update, and/or something we could run to scan and fix published courses and avoid republishing all of them. After reading that others were having this red incorrect bar issue too, I think it might be something similar needed to fix it. In the meantime, we might have some frustrated end users. 

If we start seeing a pattern and can help narrow down anything in common with those having issues, I'll be sure to update Articulate. I hope there's a resolution soon. Thank you for your help testing. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brittney,

The issue here was specific to the iPad set up which would be the HTML5 output - and then this thread also was other issues that were discussed but as I read back through them I think that they're different than what you have set up (as it's spanning different products, browsers, etc.). 

If it's still only this one user that is seeing it, I'd look further into their settings within the computer, LMS, Browser, etc. If you can determine a pattern or are able to replicate outside of that account we can certainly investigate sooner - and it may be best to do so in the form of a support case so that it's a fresh look at your set up and what's occurring vs. being clouded by the forum thread issues. You can connect with our Support engineers here. 

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