Red bar showing up during 2nd retry on IPAD

Jan 16, 2015

Hi everyone,  I am a little confused.  My course went through a validation process and the LMS  vendor is tells me this:  

"IPAD- I got the answer wrong, when I try to answer again it says INCORRECT in red at the bottom of the course.  User is unable to select another answer.  I exit the course and came back and the message was still there.  Unable to get credit on the IPAD."

I went back to recheck my settings for the quiz question.  It is set for 2 attempts. I  test it on SCORMCloud - try to fail it so that I can see the red bar and it would go away on the quiz retry attempt.  I was able to re-answer the question and move on.  

Anyone have this problem on the IPAD where you are getting the red bar without answering the question?  I don't have an IPAD to test.  I have attached the vendor screen capture of the question and my quiz setting for the slide.  

Any ideas?

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Annette Srisaguan

It's me again, so I understand there is a bug fix in the latest SL update, what about Presenter? I have approximately 6 courses that were built using Presenter and we are getting calls about the red bar. These courses are required by the state, so we are having to just give these folks credit because they just can't move past the red bar. Any solution?

Thank you!

Annette Srisaguan

Here are a few more posts about this issue -

Ashley Terwilliger
7 days ago08/13/15 at 6:28 am (PDT)
Hi Annette,

Thanks for reaching out here and I see that you're working with Victor from our Support team on this issue. What update of Storyline are you using to publish your courses? As I know the scenario that Shawn mentioned was fixed in Update 5 of Storyline 2. 

I just chatted with Renato at Articulate asking if the fix has been done to SL (see your response above), he was not able to provide an answer. So, yes it's happening with both SL and Presenter. Unfortunately the folks that it's happening to are not at my agency so I can't get the files. We have had over 15,000 people take our courses and just a handful are having this problem it's hit and miss. Once it happens they are not able to complete the course.

Thank you

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annette,

Thanks for sharing your case number - it looks like what you discussed with Renato may be different than what I was referring to. The issue as I indicated earlier in this thread of " that during a "resume" of a course in HTML5 that it can switch to "review" mode and you'll see a question marked as "incorrect" with the red bar" was included in Update 5. 

I was able to track down your other case with Vic, and that was reported in regards to Storyline 2 and Studio '13 about "seeing the "Incorrect" feedback when using IE in taking the quiz uploaded to their LMS (SUM Total). The content freezes when this error occurs and will not let the learner continue."  

Sorry for the confusion about the issue and what was fixed, but the one mentioned in this thread is resolved as mentioned. 

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