redisplaying quiz slide where left off.

Dec 05, 2016

Hi to the community,

I’m under pressure for not being able to find the reason:

I’m using SL1.

I cretaed two question banks for a quiz with random draw. I did set player setting as “never resume” and saved under a player name.

I also assigned a number variable in master slide for adding 1 point at each draw to display number of question.

During output test, after exiting the quiz without answering a question, I log in the quiz again and see the number variable keep on adding 1 point  to one that was shown before exiting and some another question in the bank is drawn randomly as well.

Can you tell the variables and its’settings in order for me to have that question number and the unanswered question be displayed again when I log in the quiz again ( of course in the subsequent question, drawing will be randomized and number variable keeps adding 1 point.)?

Thank you in advance for your advice,



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kaan!

I'm not seeing the issue you are reporting with the variable incrementing when re-opening your file. You cannot guarantee the same question display as essentially the course is 'new' when re-opened.

Here is your published course as you sent it to me:

If you take a look at how it works with the resume on - then you will be brought back to the same question, same number you left off on, and the user can proceed as expected.

Here is your course with the resume turned on:


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