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Aug 21, 2015

Hi all,

I have a series of question banks that I originally created on a blank slide master. The questions and answer choices automatically filled the entire slide.  Now I've reformatted the masters for each question bank. Is there a way to reformat the question and answer choice placeholders in a master so I don't have to reformat each question bank slide?



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Randy Susevich

I need to clarify... My slide master has no title or content placeholders (I deleted them, now can't add them back).  What I would like to bulk edit for my question bank slides are the question & answer choice placeholders (I have a different Layout for each question bank, based on the slide master.  I've attached a picture showing all 3.

Randy Susevich

Thanks Leslie.  I've played with that and, yes, I can add placeholders to the Master or Layout and then reapply to a slide but that doesn't reformat any content placement already on the slide. I still have to individually reformat existing items on a slide (the bottom image in my previous attachment). I was hoping I could avoid having to edit every slide in my QBs

Phil Mayor

In my experience you will now need to reapply the formatting.

There is one thing that may work create a new file with the same slide size, save and then close.

Import the slide from the new file into your project then apply the master to your question slides, I don't hold out much hope it will work but that is what I would try.  I find slide master do not behave as they do in Ppt sometimes

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