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Mehdi Kasumov

I have same problem. We need an ability to move the registration point of an object in order to create a CORRECT hover over effect, when the mouse is hovered over and object it increases in size(provided I have made the size change in the state).

AND yes, there is a bug in the Storyline 2 ( not corrected since version 1) where the object  using the registration point from center moves automatically BACK to the top left corner no matter what. :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mehdi, 

As Mike shared before, it is not an option in Storyline to change the registration point of an object or image. In regards to your hover state - you could either resize the object within the state or add in a new object so that it covers the original (or takes the place or the original) and changes as you need when hovered.