Relative File/URL Links

Our organization is fairly large and getting everyone on the same PC file structure for projects would be fairly difficult. Once inside a project folder, our files are all the exact same so a relative link to local files would be optimal.

When Storyline files are passed around, links to external documents with absolute paths continually break. Is there a way to set a relative path to local documents?

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Kevin White

Hi Leslie, I've read your work around and it's really not a work around designed for the environment that Joseph, I and other designers in large corporations encounter. The problem is, that with out an relative linking compatibility within the compiler, another designer assisting or updating materials would still have identify and locate all absolute links to locate files another designer has created and relink the asset to the project via the triggering mechanism due to the variations in UserIDs. In large and complex projects this can be quite a task, almost impossible without addition time lost or instruction. The only real solution I see, is a compiler that accepts relative linking in all triggering mechanisms wherever possible. Without this feature our creativity is somewhat limited. This is a real obstacle and limits the use of other robust tools we have within the Storyline 2 environment. I would like to see these programming modification considered sooner rather than later. Please keep me posted on your progress toward this necessary functionality. Regards, your friendly SL2 promoter and coach, Kevin. I've requested that feature to your development team. Let's hope that forth coming soon. Thank you Leslie!

prakash dayani

Strange! This thread started 2 yrs. back and same problem we are still having in Storyline 360. Imagine if your course has a 10s or 20s or more of external file linked and everytime each author will have to link all those files again and again. And if he just focuses on any given bug/s and forgets to do the linking part to external files then that will result in missing file bug/s. 
Though I haven't yet tried the Resource way by Ashley but going throught the given procedure  I think there should be more simpler way to link the files ie to create relative paths.