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Feb 08, 2013

I am creating compliance training and added two object triggers to hotspots to open individual PDF documents in Storyline. After vieweing the published file in HTML and SWF, I am unable to open the documents within the training. The files are on my local drive. I tried to use relative linking to directly open the files.

The path I used was ../Documents/Document 1.pdf for example

I also tried using a transparent button, but no change. One of my coworkers was able to demonstrate successfully for their training using relative linking back to a .story file. I don't know if I'm using the wrong path of relative linking or having other issues. For instance, I created the trigger in a layer instead of part of a new slide. Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Geert De Rycke

Hi Dominique.

When you attach your PDF's to you hotspot triggers, use the... (Three dots) to look for ypur PDF-files. they will automatically added to your project. No need for relative paths.

When your project is published, your PDF-files should be here

Documents\My Articulate Projects\\story_content\external_files



Dominique Wheeler

Hi Geert,

Thank you for your help. I followed your instructions and set up the triggers as the screenshots below indicate. The files copy into the External Files directory when published but there is still no response once I click on the hot spots. I'm trying to open the PDF in a new window.

 Screenshot #1: Full Path

Screenshot #2: File Name Only

Is there anything else you see that I am doing wrong or do you have any further suggestions?

Thanks again for the help!


Dominique Wheeler

Hi Again Geert,

Thank you for your assistance. I was able to successfully open the files via Firefox, but not Internet Explorer using the directions you specified. I used another computer and was able to repeat the aforementioned. I'll assume that once the files are rendered to the Sharepoint server, the end users should not have any issues? I haven't tested that yet.

Also, is there a compability issues with opening documents in Internet Explorer per Storyline?



Angela Forero

Hi. I am having a similar issue. In the player I added a tab for a printed version of the presentation. Is a PDF. When I preview the presentation in chrome, I cant download the document. Click on the option and nothing happens. In firefox I can download it. Why is this? Also my presentation doesn't have any other issue in chrome. But in safaria and firefox things dont work properly. and some images look bad!! I am so frustrated with this issue. Published several times and updated the browsers and nothing changes. 

Angela Forero

Oh ok, that is probably the reason why. I am trying to view it on my laptop. However on firefox I can view the pdf but then the presentation has glitches!! I dont know why it has those problems that dont have when played in chrome. 

I am attaching my file. I dont understand why the presentation doesnt work well in the other browsers. 

Thanks a lot!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kim!

How have you linked the PDF to your slide? Are you using the Jump to URL/File trigger mentioned above? If so, the PDF will open in a new tab or a new window, depending on the browser and user settings. The user will need to close the tab or window to navigate back to the training. Since this happens outside of the published file, you can't create a trigger to control this. 

You can also try adding the PDF as a web object (as long as the PDF is stored on a web server) so that the user can view the PDF without ever leaving the training. 

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