Releasing questions from question banks to become normal slides

Sep 25, 2012


Is there a quicker way (other than copying/pasting one slide at a time) to change a set of question bank questions to being normal slides again. Copying multiple slides doesn't seem to work.

So I don't want to 'pull' the Qs out and use them from the Q bank, I want to actually get rid of the question bank but keep all the questions as normal question slides. (the reason is to do with the bug on extra info not working properly on the slides whilst reviewing).

I'd put all my questions into banks but now what I want to do is have the same questions (about 8 subject areas) in a normal sequence with a review action working ok; then have one overall test where the review doesn't matter so they can then be pulled out of Q banks so I can use a reduced random set. So my plan was to set up separate .story files for each set of subject questions so I can deal with the setting up initially and also cope with changes/updates etc later by importing into either format if necessary. ('mmmn this is beginning to sound like Quizmaker) particularly as some of the subjects get used across different courses. Does this make sense, or is there a better way?

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Sarah Ednay

Hi Diane

I'd forgotten about this. No I didn't. Actually I talked myself into going back into Quizmaker which is where the questions originated from anyway so it was easier just to stick with the old format. So the Storyline version, which I'd planned to have extra features, got abandoned.

Sorry this doesn't help you.


Sarah Ednay

Hey, well done.

That should go on one of those lists of tips.... 

I wonder what else double-clicking might do that I haven't noticed yet.

Yes agree about Quizmaker. We have a load of separate review Qs which go with live training courses so aren't integrated with other learning material yet. So far I'm glad I've left them in QMkr. I do really like lots of things about Storyline, but it still doesn't suit my purposes enough to get stuck into it and some issues still annoy me. Initially I'd contemplated turning all our live course slides over to SL for the trainers to use 'live', but it can't live up to that yet. Maybe it will do in the future though. I'll reserve judgement till after the next version I think. Trouble is in the meantime there is other stuff out there vying for attention.

Diane Peters

I agree with you 100%. I'd love to use SL for everything but its video editing falls far short from Camtasia and Audacity is way better for audio. I'd like to be able to control zooming from slide to slide with size and position, but cannot, and there is no spotlight effect without a lot of work to create a work-around. 

Given that it's a first release I think it's a great product and I look forward to improvements. I've submitted a few upgrade requests.

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