Remembering Text Entry Input Upon Resume

Mar 31, 2021


I was curious if there is a way to save a text entry input so that it displays when a user relaunches a course. I can do it with a quiz question, but I need to include multiple entry fields on one screen and they don't need to be graded. Our Team Members are going to use this to enter a development plan goal and a completion date. We would like to be able to report on these two items. The Quiz Short Answer option is ideal for this, but I cannot have more that one question on a slide it seems. 

The screen with the text entry input fields is set to Resume Saved State in the slide options, which is what makes it work for the quiz questions, but the text in the field of the text entry input seems to get flushed and reset when I restart the course, and my entry is no longer visible.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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