Remove header and icon on Modern player Storyline object 'play button screen'

Jul 02, 2019

Hello! I can't figure out where the header title is coming from when the modern player 'play button screen' displays on mobile.

An icon and title is displaying before the user presses play, but it's not the title of the project, scene or slide. Sometimes it's the title of another scene, or it pulls the title 'untitled' (ses screenshot)

How do I remove this icon and title? 

It's not displaying when I have the classic player with all labels and colours turned off, but the classic player looks terrible on mobile with the black/grey borders. 

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Kate,

Thank you for sharing that screenshot! It looks like the Title: field in your player settings may be set to the default text, Untitled1.

You can change that text by clicking on Home >> Player (under the Features section). If you need to remove it, simply click on the checkbox next to Title.

I made a quick Peek 360 recording to walk you through where these settings are in Storyline 360: Modern Player Settings

I hope this helps! 

Jeff Forrer

If this works for others it has not worked for me.  Even if I check the box (so I can remove the default SL file title that appears), remove title, uncheck that box, the SL file still shows up if I publish and place in Rise using a SL block.  The SL title shows up when changing the file to mobile or iPad every time. 

If I am missing something, it would be great to know as I have been avoiding the Modern Player because of this, we don't want to see the title in the file, in the Classic Player it does not show the title.


Thanks for any pointers here.

Jeff Forrer

Thanks for your reply, however I am publishing this for Rise (Review 360) vs. Web or LMS so that I can add the SL piece as an object in Rise.  When I publish I have now just made the title a period (.) so that is what shows up for the title vs. any other title.  SL won't accept a space or a blank for the title.

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