Remove Prev and Next Button from a Layers


Is there a way to have the next and prev button from the slide navigation control removed from the slide layer?

I have multiple layers on a slide and I have created a close button on each layer which takes the user back to the slide. However the next and prev button still remains. If the user clicks the next button while visiting a layer  it  takes them to the next slide.  However I don’t want the user to click the next button when they are visiting the layer as I want to ensure they visit all the layers before progressing to the next slide.

Put simply I don’t want the user to be able to click the next or prev button when vising layers; I want them to click the close button I have created.



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Jenny Roberts

On the layer, instead of the trigger 'hide layer' you need to 'jump to the slide'. This should reset the main slide when you leave the layer.
Hope this helps...

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janet smith

Hi all, I've tried to get this to work but am stuck on how to get the NEXT button to activate when all the 4 layers have been visited. I'm probably missing something pretty fundamental but cannot figure it out on my own! I'm attaching my story file in case anyone can see the problem. Thanks!


Sachin Taank

This is a really old post but I'd still like to contribute. So the way I got around it was probably a bit long winded but it worked great for me.

1 - I created a rule on each layer that says Change State of Next/Prev Button to hidden when the timeline starts (on that layer)

2 - Because I created a 'close' button on each layer, I then created a set of rules that stated to change the state of the next/prev button to normal when you click on the 'close' button which restores it back again on the base layer.

The great thing is, Storyline allows you to copy triggers/rules so all I then had to do was copy each of rules to each layer and voila - I hope this makes sense!