Remove Print Results in HTML5 and Mobile Output

Mar 10, 2014

I see that printing quiz results is not supported for Storyline's HTML5 and Mobile output. Is there a way to not display a print results button in the HTML5 and Mobile versions while still letting the Flash users see and use the print results button and page? It seems like a bad idea to have a button that only some users utilize while the others are left wondering why nothing happened when they pushed the button.

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Chris Walsh

Can I clarify the issue here.  Are we saying that "Print Results" button appears (but is inoperative) :

  1. When running HTML5 version on a Mobile; or
  2. When running HTML5 version (any device) or Mobile (any Published version)?

All our Courses contain a Quiz and we are desperate to use HTML5 as our primary delivery.  Launching the Report.html page from a button should be easy via HTML using  Is this a mobile specific issue being raised here? ( might not work on mobile devices).

Thanks, Chris

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

There are some JavaScript variables on the page that you could use to determine if you should show the button. 

I don't have it in front of me but basically you would create a Storyline variable named something like isFlash == true

Then create a JavaScript trigger that runs something like this:

GetPlayer().SetVar('isFlash', g_bMinFlash)

g_bMinFlash is the JS variable Storyline uses to determine if its running in Flash. So we set our SL var to it's value. 

Then we can hide any elements we don't want to show in mobile or HTML5 with a Storyline trigger that is basically:

Hide <object> if isFlash is false 

Again... not tested so their could be errors in that but the logic should be right. 


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