Remove pulsing cursor animation on hotspots

Jul 11, 2012

Hello heroes - and thanks for a great piece of software.

I am doing a slide where the user has to click on certain hotspots as part of a quiz.

When the user clicks the hotspot the picture changes state, and then the user can click submit.


The problem however is the annoying pulsing and swirling cursor animation when the user has clicked somewhere on the slide.

How can I get rid of that cursor animation?

Please see the attached picture for clarification. 

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Tracy Buthe

Hi Anders,

The way that i have gotten this to work is to click Edit Hotspot and change how the answer to the question is submitted. I have the question submitted on click. That removes the submit button and the marker or whatever you call that swirly thing. The down fall is that the learner cannot change his/her mind. I find this works great for the ungraded quiz that i am doing but may not for a graded quiz. You could change the number of attempts that they get at the question, that might help.

Hope this helps!


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