Remove spinning ball from a hotspot interaction

Jul 11, 2014

Happy Friday!

I have created a hotspot Freeform interaction in Storyline. When the user clicks, on the screen a spinning ball appears. The client would like that removed. Is this possible? If so how?

Thanks, Julie

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Meryem M

Julie, that sounds like the Flash animation that means, "We're busy loading the next thing, and it's big ... wait a minute." That tells the learner that the next thing to happen is coming. Otherwise, the learner might think the file is broken or clicking didn't work.

Or, did you perhaps add a marker with a swirl effect?

Rachel Smith

I had the same question as Julie- at least, I think. When you click on a hot spot to place the marker, the default marker that Storyline uses is a spinning disc. It does very much look like a "trying to load large file" symbol, but it isn't- that's the hotspot indicator. Unfortunately, our students mistake it all the time for a loading image, and sit and wait for something to happen. Nothing does- the system is waiting for the student to click Submit after placing the hot spot.

We'd also love to replace this symbol for something less confusing. Is it possible?


Happy Friday to you both!


Michael Hinze

In the story_content folder of your published content you'll find a small Flash animation called 'hotspot_marker'. That's the spinning indicator. While technically possible, I'm not sure if completely removing this file is the best approach, because it does provide a visual indication that you clicked something on the screen. It may be a better idea to replace it with a less confusing Flash animation, like in this quick example here.

Robert Lengacher

+1 to Steve's solution with one additional comment.

Instead of choosing No Fill for the "transparent" shapes, I prefer to set the Solid Fill transparency to 99%. The shape is still transparent, but is much easier to manipulate while editing because you won't be forced to click directly on the shape's border.

If I have the choice between Hotspot or Freeform Pick One or Freeform Pick Many, I almost always will go with the latter two.

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