Replacing hotspot with transparent shape

In a bid to avoid the spinning ball/hotspot problem I am trying to replace all the hotspots in a course with a transparent shape.

I have an 'incorrect' layer that pops up if the learner clicks outside the shape. If learners click on the shape, I wanted them to jump to the next slide.

However, the default trigger order seems to be that the 'show layer' trigger appears before the 'jump to next slide' trigger. There's no way to reorder the triggers as the arrows are greyed out.

Frustratingly I set the course up using hotspot quiz slides, so it looks as though the only way to fix this is to remove all the freeform info and recreate the slides.

Is there anything I'm missing that would mean I could avoid this?

All ideas welcome. Thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

You don't have a trigger order problem here, because when you create a "clicks outside ... " trigger, it is attached to the slide triggers.
When you create a "clicks on ..." trigger, it is attached to the object's triggers. They may show up in the trigger list close to one another, but that is an accidental optical illusion.


Trigger order doesn't matter, unless the user simultaneously clicks both on the object and outside the object. :)  Otherwise, only one trigger will fire, and there is no conflict of order.

That also explains why you can't reorder them; they aren't in the same list.