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Oct 30, 2015


Have placed an assessment with a results slide in my course, but this includes an automatic, non-editable link to the next slide.  I say it's automatically created, because I've removed all the Previous, Next and Submit navigation controls from the slide, and have also checked the "jump to" triggers of my own.

I'd like to  remove that automatic next slide link because it's screwing up my nice and orderly Story View slide hierarchy, but as I can't find it anywhere I'm unable to do that.  It's only visible on the Story View, and right-clicking the arrow link there just hides the arrow rather than giving a pop-up menu to delete it.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Graeme Foulds

Hi., thanks for the response.

If by Master Slide you mean the template, then no, there are no buttons.  I have unchecked all of the Previous, Next and Submit navigation controls, and as far as I can see the only visible links are the triggers that I've added myself.  None of those point either to the "next slide" or to the following numbered slide by name though.

Graeme Foulds

Oh, okay.  Sorry, we weren't talking about the same thing then.

However, as per the attached screen grab, there is nothing on the Master Slide either.  The slide in question is the standard Storyline 2 Graded Result Slide, unchanged except for some background formatting and the addition of a picture and text box to serve as a title bar and heading respectively.

David Tait

How about looking at the Feedback Master for this slide, the correct and incorrect feedback popups could well contain a button in the master view.

Beware, if this is the case and you delete the button in the master view it will cascade throughout your course. You may be better off creating a duplicate feedback master for this particular slide and removing the button from this one.

Graeme Foulds

Hmmm, you're taking me on a journey to parts of the program that I've never had occasion to visit before!  

Still, the Success and Failure layers are as blank as can be on the Feedback Master view (plain white background, with no items, layers or triggers at all), and while the Base Layer does contain a button, there is no trigger attached to it.

Graeme Foulds

Unfortunately the file is too big to upload.

I'm not following what you mean by duplicating a feedback popup and then deleting the button? Given that the correct and incorrect feedback layers are completely empty in Feedback Master view, do you want me to add a button to each of them with a trigger to jump to another slide, delete the button again and then save the modified slide as a new template?


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