Removing glow highlight from freeform question

I converted a slide with 4 images on it to a Freeform - Pick One question. I set it up so that there are unlimited attempts so that the user can not go forward until selecting the correct image. The issue I'm running into is when you click the Try Again button on the Try Again layer, the incorrect image that was selected is still highlighted with a glow (it's showing it's selected state).

Is there something that I can do to reset the slide and all the states of the images on the screen if the incorrect choice is clicked?

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David McDonagh

Thanks! Can't believe I didn't think of that.

There was actually another issue that I discovered that was causing confusion. One of the choices was a group of 2 images, and that would cause it to never deselect. If you clicked any other the other images, they would deselect, but the group would never deselect. This also stopped you from ever being able to get the question correct, once the group was clicked.

I just had to phothshop the images together into 1 image and it started working.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for bringing that up, David M.  We do have an issue documented for using grouped objects as answer choices in Freeform Pick One questions.

Similar to your workaround, you can right-click the group on the slide and choose to Save as Picture from the dropdown menu.  You can then insert the picture.

I'll let you know about any changes to this behavior!