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Apr 24, 2014

We have a platform we would like to use a Storyline course on that has a built-in player.  Is there a way to remove the Storyline player from my course?

- Tracy Snar

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tracy,

When you remove all of the elements, the player boarder is actually quite small. However, if you want it to appear chromeless (or invisible), I'd recommend checking out the following information:

How to create a chromeless player

Can you completely hide or remove the Storyline player? Yes! Here's how:

Turn off the player features

First, turn off all the player features:

  1. Go to Home > Player.
  2. On the Features tab, deselect all options.
Make the player border transparent

Then modify the color scheme to make the player border transparent:

  1. While you're still in the Player Properties dialog, click Colors & Effects.
  2. Click the link to Show advanced color editing.
  3. From the Edit item drop-down list, select base >> bg, and make it 100% transparent.
  4. From the Edit item drop-down list, select base >> border, and make it 100% transparent.
  5. From the Edit item drop-down list, select base >> slide_bg, and make it 100% transparent.
Save your chromeless player for use in other courses

If you want to use the same chromeless player in other Storyline courses, save it as a player template:

  1. While you're still in the Player Properties dialog, click the Current Player drop-down, and selectSave as.
  2. Give it a recognizable name, and click OK.
  3. Click OK again to close the Player Properties dialog.
Remove the Prev, Next, and Submit buttons

By default, each slide in Storyline will either have Prev Next buttons or a Submit button. You'll also need to remove these to make your player completely chromeless:

  1. Go to Story View.
  2. Select all the slides in your course. (Here's how to use the CTRL+A keyboard shortcut in Story View.)
  3. Then uncheck the PrevNext, and Submit boxes in the Slide panel.

Note: You'll need to add your own custom buttonshotspots, or hyperlinks to each slide in your course to control navigation.

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