Replace character in Media Library

I read that we can't replace photographic characters all at once in the ML, is this true, or am I doing something wrong? I am trying to replace a photographic character with an illustrated one.

I can replace when I expand the character in the ML to see all the instances, but I would then need to replace each instance. I also need to re-do the poses and expressions (is this right?). When I select the unexpanded character in the ML, the replace button  is greyed out.

Seems like a lot of extra work just to swap a character out and have the same poses and expressions, or am I missing something?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi ST!

We don't currently offer an option to swap a character and keep the same pose! It sounds like this would be a useful addition to Storyline 360. We keep track of these requests using a feature request form. Make sure to bookmark the site to quickly share what features you have in mind for Storyline 360.