Replay button doesn't work on saved state

Apr 01, 2015

I have lots of saved states. During QA someone realized that on a saved state slide the replay button will not work and replay audio or any of the interactions. Is this normal behavior? Workaround? Get rid of replay buttons since it doesn't work? 



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Ashley Schwartau

Why would that be the expected behavior? Has this not changed at all in the last 2 years? What if someone wanted to re-view a slide that has saved states? We use a lot of saved states throughout our courses and want to be able to give users that seekbar (so they can see how far they have to go on a slide) but we get complaints a lot about the Replay button not working and they think it's on us  when it's clearly a software problem. It would be GREAT if the Replay Button and Seekbar were SEPARATE ITEMS.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Ashley,

It sounds like you'd prefer to have the option to disable the Replay button, even if the seekbar is enabled. I can see the value in that! I'd be glad to pass your idea along to my team on your behalf. And in case you're wondering, here's an inside look at how we manage all of the ideas we receive in the community.

Thanks for adding your voice!

Rob Skeet

I am encountering this now as well. it looks like this complaint has gone back 7 years with the excuse that it is "expected behaviour"  I'm sorry, but having a button on screen that doesn't work and is not disabled is NOT EXPECTED BEHAVIOR.  I have a slide that starts a 3 slide branch that comes back to this slide after each one has been visited. Client is complaining that the rewind doesn't work when they wanted to re-listen to the narration. Please explain why you would go through the trouble of deactivating a button when resume state is checked but not disabling the button. why deactivate it at all?  My client wants the seekbar locked to read only so people can't skip through.  has anyone figured out a workaround???