Replay Button Issue

Feb 13, 2017

I'm trying to figure out a resolution to this.  I have a slide where you select the buttons to jump to different slides.  I used slides instead of layers because I need to be able to do closed captioning.  However, this has resulted in my replay button to not function on the original slide.  Any idea of how to resolve this?

I have attached the portion of my project so you can see what my issue is.

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Jake Avra

Thank you for responding Leslie.  Yeah,  I was wanting to have the ability to reset the slide at any point either during or after the slide has finished.  I was afraid there wouldn't be a work around to this.  I'm unsure how to fix this as I cannot simply "turn off" the replay button as it's the client's requirement that a slide be able to be reset at any point during or after the presentation.

Jake Avra

It didn't transfer over for some reason.  But on the "Notes" tab I re-labeled it to be "CC" and that's where my closed captioning goes from the script for my audio.  I'm doing work for the Army Guard and federal law requires there to be closed captioning to go with everything we build.  Thus I can't use layers as it does not allow for the closed captioning tab to go along with it.  I'm quite perplexed trying to figure out a resolution here. *Insert thinking emoji here*  Haha

Leslie McKerchie

Well that does make sense if you are utilizing the Notes tab in the sidebar for reference. So you cannot use layers, you cannot use lightboxes, so the only other built in option is to change the slide properties.

You also have these two options for replaying the audio each time a user revisits the menu slide:

  1. Create a trigger to "Play audio Audio 1 when timeline starts on Slide 1.1 Main Menu." This trigger will replay the audio automatically each time the user visits the menu slide.
  2. Create a custom "Replay" button on the slide with a trigger to play the audio when the button is clicked. 

Otherwise, hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and assist.

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