Replay button when slide is set to 'resume'

Jun 27, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have come across a small speedbump.

I would like my users to be able to be able to watch a tutorial, navigate away part way through and then come back to the same point from when they left. So I have set it to 'resume saved state'.

Being a video tutorial I have enabled the seekbar but have found that the replay button doesn't work. As in you click on it and nothing happens, which I assume is because the logic behind it requires the slide to reset from initial state.

This is a problem for three reasons, one because I want the user to have the option or replaying the video without having to scroll back on the seekbar and two because you can't remove the replay button and it looks like a fault with the training itself when a button does nothing when you click on it (except make the displayed tutorial move slightly to the left as it carries on playing). thirdly because I have a timer on the tutorial tha tonly allows them to move onto the assessment if they have viewed enough of each tutorial - this isn't effected by a replay of the tutorial but it they keep coming back to the start it won't be as effective.

Does anyone know a fix for this?

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James Brandwood

Sorry Brian - I gave you the wrong information in the post above (It won't let me delete the post so I deleted the text as it was misleading).

I have now uploaded a file that shows the 'replay' button - both on the seekbar and at the end of the slide not working, when a slide is set to 'resume from saved state'. The slide has a variable on the master slide to show that the learner has been on the slide long enough to have viewed the media fully.

I have included a second scene that you can navigate to show the desired effect of a learner going away from the tutorial and returning to it at the point where they left.


Brian Batt

Hi James,

Looking at your file, the Replay 1 button is set to "Jump to 1.1 Untitled Slide" when the user clicks.  Then, the slide itself is set to Resume saved state when revisiting.  In this scenario, the saved state is the end of the slide.

Regarding the reply / refresh button on the seekbar, I'm going to find out if the saved state should actually have an impact on that or not.  I'll let you know what I find out.

James Brandwood

Hi Brian,

The jumping to another slide and then having a trigger on it saying 'go to previous slide at the end of timeline' is the only way (I know of) to get a slide to get around the fact that you can't 'Jump to slide - this slide'.

If someone knows another way which gets the slide to go from the start even though it is on resume I would love to hear it. I would be suprised if there wasn't a way to put in a condition that tells the slide to ignore the resume from saved state.

Brian, I am looking forward to your response as I really want to have the 'resume from saved state' setting, but I just can't include it if it means there is a broken button - it just wouldn't pass UAT and I wouldn't want to put out training that I know doesn't work properly.

Holly Harris

Easiest solution:

Create a video file as your slide content (include everything as one movie - audio & images & text). If you have a custom (on-slide) replay button - then use the triggers 'Stop media' and 'Play media' in that specific order on your replay button.

The drawback for this procedure is that when revisitng the slide it will resume at a different time in your movie. The reason for that is because your timeline keeps ticking away while your movie is independently restarted from the timeline. The timeline and movie files are treated as seperate entities (objects).Ugh.

If you must restart the timeline:

In the triggers menu there is a 'restart course' option. Set this trigger up when you hit the replay button.

To make this work well you will need to turn off the resume prompt and automatically resume. You can do this by going into the 'player' dialogue box (top right of ribbon under home) and clicking on 'other.' You will then set the 'Resume' option (drop-down) to 'always resume'

It works essentially the same way as hitting F5 on your keyboard. However, some LMS's may take issue with this. The drawback is that your course will always open up to the last slide visited without the option to restart from the beginning and it resets all your slides to the beginning of the timeline. Ugh.

Storyline Folk:

Can we not have a 'restart timeline' option in the triggers???

Or even a 'restart at *insert time code here*' trigger would be most helpful... or 'pause timeline' too...

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