Replay Button Workaround and Audio Replay Issues

Aug 24, 2016

I have an interactive slide used for navigating to additional content. Each navigation button changes state after being clicked (to visitied), in order to reflect the topics that were covered by the learner and topics remaining. The Next button is also disabled until each of the buttons has changed to Visited. I would like to allow the user to replay the slide from the start, if he so desires, but the replay button doesn't work. Since the NEXT button trigger is tied to the Visited states on the buttons, I can't  use the reset to initial state option for the slide. 

I tried to follow Sam Postle's suggestion, but I couldn't get it to work.

I also have a trigger that stops the audio when the user clicks one of the buttons, but when I change to reset to initial state, the audio starts again each time the learner comes back to the main menu. I don't want learners to have to listen to the slide narration every time they return. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Gayla Keesee

Actually, I uploaded the wrong file before. That one follows a linear format, so I don't have the problems with retaining the saved states for the menu slide when the learners return. In this course, there are four buttons that take learners to four subsections. When they click each heading to navigate to the subsection, the state changes to visited, which has a checkmark. I need to retain the checkmark because the NEXT button is disabled until they have visited each subsection. I also don't want the initial audio to replay each time the learner comes back to the menu unless he clicks the replay button.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gayla!

You have the slide properties set to reset to initial state. This would not hold your visited states or resume your slide. This is probably why your audio is resetting too. I would advise 'Automatically Decide' for your slide property.

Please also take note of the trigger order. I adjusted Rectangle 2 for you on Slide 2.2 as an example. You want those triggers to execute prior to jumping to another slide :)

Try that and see if it helps.


Leslie McKerchie

You are correct. If you wish for the button to replay/restart the slide, the slide properties have to reflect that behavior.

With variables, you can probably still control the navigation - but your visited states/replay/audio are not going to work with the settings you have now.

Perhaps someone in the community has a creative idea for your design needs.

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