Replay Button - Doesn't Work

May 15, 2013


When working with multiple layers, the replay button sometimes works fine and sometimes just doesn't.

Please have a look at the attachment. When i preview it, after the slide plays completely and then the users can click each object to learn more, if i click on the replay button - nothing happens.

Can you please have a look and suggest a workaround for this?

Thanking in advance,


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Laith Salama

Hi Sonia,

I downloaded your file and tried changing the setting "When Revisiting" to "Reset to Initial State" by using the cog next to the base layer and it worked.

Sounds like that is what you need. Would explain the intermittent working behaviour on other slides too if you're copying and pasting slides and replacing the content within them.

Hope it helps,


Jamie Jewer

Hey there - 

I'm having the same issue, but I can't use the "Reset to Initial State" option because of other required functionality on the slide (I have 3 sub-slides they are required to look at to complete the course, and I use states to do that).

Is there another resolution or workaround to this issue?



Elisheva Eshel


I'm having issues of the replay button.

I have an interactive slide, used for navigating to additional content.
Each navigation button changes state after being clicked (to visitied), in order to reflect the topics that were covered by the learner and topics remaining (so I cannot use the reset to initial state option).

I would like to allow the user to replay the slide from the start, if he so desires, but the replay button doesn't work.

Does anyone have an idea how to workaround this issue?


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Elisheva,

Do you mean the replay button on the Seekbar? Have you tried changing the Revisit settings to Reset to Initial State?

You can do this by clicking on the gear icon near the bottom right of the screen to display the Slide Properties dialog box.

Click the When revisiting drop-down arrow, and choose Reset to initial state.

Maggie Hu

Hi Jamie and all,

I am having the same issue that you had and I wonder whether you have found a way to work around: I have the functionality on the slide that requires the user to click on all the tabs before moving forward. In order to achieve that, I had to use the "Resume Saved State" option, instead of "Reset to Initial State". Therefore the replay button won't work on the slide. 

Thanks a lot!

Sam Postle

Hi All,

This is indeed an old thread but after reading about "Reset to Initial State" issue regarding interactive pages, I think I have something worth trying.

You will need to set the page to "Reset to Initial State" for the replay button to work, plain and simple. The issue then, is how to make the page remember the buttons that were clicked on by the user. My suggestion would be to create a variable for each of the interactive pages, something like "topic1visited", with a set value of "False".

When the learner clicks on the desired interactive button, the new slide or new layer will need a trigger with the following information in the fields: "Adjust variable" "topic1visited" "= Assignment" "Value" "True".

The When: is up to you, for my purposes I used "Timeline starts". The Object: will be your base layer page name.

Now, with your variable in place and attached trigger set for the playout, you will need to create another trigger on the base layer/page. This trigger will be used to "Change state of" "Topic 1 button" to the state of your choice, I used "Visited," When: "Timeline starts". Use the blue plus sign to Add Condition: "Variables" "topic1visited" "= = equal to" "Value" "True".

All of these items will work together like this: The learner will reach the page and click on the Topic 1 button. This will take them to the Topic 1 slide (where the variable changes to set the visited state to True). After viewing and interacting with all of the content in Topic 1, they will return to the base page. The base page will reset to the initial state, but the button the learner used will change to whichever state you told it to because of the triggers we used. You can now click the replay button, and the desired state shown on screen should stay put.

Hope this helps!



Gayla Keesee

Okay. I followed Sam's suggestion so that the replay button will work. But now I have a problem. I have a trigger that the audio stops when the user clicks one of the buttons, but when I change to reset to initial state, the audio starts again. I don't want them to have to listen to it every time they return to the main menu. 

Sam Postle

Hi Gayla,

Depending on your course layout, this may be a simple fix.

If you already have a variable in place that indicates when a user has
visited a topic (as I described), your menu will need another trigger to
either stop or pause the audio when "Timeline starts" with the condition
that "topic1visited" "=Assignment" "Value" "True".

Hope this helps!

Gayla Keesee

This is what I have set up for the triggers and variables. This is the main course menu. There are four buttons that take learners to four subsections. When they click the heading, the state changes to visited, which has a checkmark. I need to retain the checkmark because the NEXT button is disabled until they have visited each subsection. I also don't want the initial audio to replay each time the learner comes back to the menu unless he clicks the replay button.

Brett Schlagel

Hi Stephanie,

SL definitely has its quirks. I've found 1 of 2 things will work in cases like this, at least it has for me in the past.

1.  Rebuild

Sometimes I find creating a new blank slide and copying and pasting over the elements from the slide with the issue resolves my problem. There is a little bit of rework depending on trigger set up, but for the most part goes quickly.

2. Toggling Audio with a Variable and Trigger

This is more technical and a pain but does have its advantages. Insert the audio file that wont play into the slide again (you should have 2 of the same audio files on the timeline). Add a number variable to the project. Set a trigger on timeline start to adjust the variable to assignment value of 1 on the condition that the assignment value is not 1. Set another trigger to adjust the same variable to value of 2 when timeline starts on the condition the value is not 2. Then, set a trigger to play audio file 1 when animation completes IF variable equals to 1. Finally, add another trigger to play audio file 2 when animation completes IF variable equals to 2. 

The second route may require some tinkering to get the variable to toggle appropriately, but I've done this in the past and it has worked out for me. Hope that helps!

Kevin Thompson

It seems to me that revisiting a slide and clicking the reload/reset button in the player (next to the seekbar) should be two different things we can manipulate (without the need for a lot of custom trigger work).

Ideally, we could set the slide to resume where the learner left off, but if the learner clicks the reload button, regardless of the base layer resume setting, they should be able to reset the slide to the initial state. If that is how it is supposed to work, it hasn't been the case in my experience. Would love to see a user experience improvement around this in a future update!